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Carrier Unlocking has never gotten easier!
Network unlocking - Remove a pass code of a device - Blocked from a network

We know how that feels; We have been in your shoes. Gladly at LA Tech we are able to get your device fully unlocked. Whether you have a Samsung device, Apple, or any other smartphones, at LA Tech we can unlock it from pass code or carrier, so you can start using it. We don't wanna confuse you, so let us start explaining it how it works. 

Generally when the term "unlocked" is used, most people refer to three(3)  types of unlocking.


Network unlocking:

Is to unlock a device, so it can be used on other carriers that is often called network unlocking. let's say, you have been with Sprint for few years now, and now you want to switch your carrier; at this time, you would need to get your devices unlocked before switching over to the other carrier like T-Mobile.


Remove a pass code of a device:

The other unlocking service is to Remove a pass code of a device. The scenarios are if you have purchased a used device, and later on found out that there is a lock on it, or simply you have forgotten the pass code on your device. Now Most Apple devices comes with an account linked to them which Apple has called it Activation lock (iCloud lock) and most Android devices like Samsung or LG are calling it GOOGLE Account lock/ Samsung lock.  

Blocked from a network:

If you have purchased a device that is blocked from a network like T-Mobile, you could use our swap program, to get your device back working again. 




Now that you have learned one or two things, we will discuss the pricing with you.

iPhone /Samsung Network Unlocking Service NEW DEVICES

$84.95 + tax 


Apple iPhone: XS MAX / XS / X / 8 Plus / 8 / 7 Plus / 7 / 6S Plus / 6S

Samsung:  Note 8 / Galaxy S9 Plus / Galaxy S9 / Galaxy S8 Plus / Galaxy S8

LG: All LG Devices are supported

iPhone /Samsung Network Unlocking Service OLDER DEVICES

$54.95 + tax 


Apple iPhone: 6 Plus / 6 / 5S / 5 / 5C / SE

Samsung:  Note 5 / Note 4 / Note 3 / Galaxy S7  Edge / S7 / S6 Edge Plus / S6 Edge / S6 / S5 / S4

LG: All LG Devices are supported

Remove a pass code of an Android device 

Google account Removal.

$64.95 + tax

Supports: All Android devices.


iCloud Removal.

Call us for pricing. Starting at $119.95


All Apple devices including Apple Computers, iPad, iPhone, iWatch. We won't be able to help you if the device is reported lost or stolen. Call us if you are not sure of that.

Wait time on most services are less than 40 minutes.