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Pepper Alarm

Security System


don't forget to  deactivate before entering the room!


When our security system is activated by an intruder, the strobe lights flash, a high decibel siren sounds and a blast of potent CLEAR vapor irritant is released into the air of the protected area physically forcing would be thieves to flee the area IMMEDIATELY and of course, EMPTY HANDED.


It is impossible to steal anything after the sting of the vapor irritant causing the eyes to tear and to cough uncontrollably.

An important feature of the clear vapor irritant compared to other marketed pepper sprays is that it does not leave stains, So you do not have to be worry to clean your space afterward.

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Pepper Alarm System


Frequently Asked Questions

Is the PEPPERALARM™ dispenser device really effective?


Yes, the PEPPERALARM™ dispenser device is completely different from other alarm systems as it is specially designed to physically STOP robbers from stealing, IMMEDIATELY, and it does that very well.


How long does the potent OC last?


The effect of most pepper spray formulas can linger indoors effectively for up to an hour. Depending on the size of the area and ventilation, the pepper spray molecules should disappear in about 4 hours. 


Is the pepper spray toxic and is it harmful to household pets?


Most pepper spray formulas available are food grade safe. It may not seriously injure dogs or cats, but may be harmful to birds.


Are the units difficult to install?


No. Anyone can install the device within 15 minutes. Please view our “easy to install” alarm installation instructions found on our Product page.


Why are three key fobs included in the package? 


To allow up to three designated key holders of your premises to remotely control access to and from the area/building. Additional fobs are available if required.

Can the device be installed as an UPGRADE to my existing alarm system?

Yes, and it must be installed by a qualified alarm installer.